We are a leading resource and environmental consultants firm consisting of former and current university faculty members of various disciplines related to environmental, social and earth-resources management. It was formed as a study group initiated at the University of Yangon in 1998, while there occurred opportunities to do a feasibility study for Ta Sang Hydroelectric Dam that would be built on the Thanlwin (Salween) River in the Shan Plateau of eastern Myanmar. Scientists of the Department of Geology firstly provided remote sensing and aerial photogeologic assessment for that major infrastructure at the request of a leading Thai power company. Subsequent field investigations for dam site geological mapping, water tightness study and resource geological mapping were accomplished. At the request of the project developer, a multidisciplinary team was formed successively to undertake a base-line data collection for EIA for the dam construction in 2000. The team was composed chiefly of geologists, biologists, and geographers, with enforcement of medical doctors, economists and data managers. Later, we established an EIA (Yangon University) team in 2003 with retired and acting professors and scientists who have strong interest in environmental and resource management.


After five years of collaborative work of Yangon University scientists from various disciplines for several projects such as environmental data collection and assessment for the development of mine sites, offshore hydrocarbon production sites, beach resorts, and onshore gas lines, the "Resource and Environment Myanmar Ltd." was formed with leading members of the YU team and registered under existing laws and legal procedures to provide systematic and wider spectrum and service for major infrastructure projects.

Our office is located at B702, Delta Plaza, Shwegondaing Road, Bahan Township, Yangon, Myanmar. We provide services for Environmental, Social and Health Impact Assessment of development projects of private and government enterprises. We have also extended our services to geotechnical engineering, geological and hydrogeological investigation, land surveying, geo-hazard assessment including potential landslide hazard mapping, deterministic and probabilistic earthquake hazard assessment and flood hazard mapping.